Red Velvet Joy and IU have shown off their different vibes when wearing Gucci‘s pre-fall 2020 collection, ‘Prepaul‘.

The two singers, Red Velvet Joy and IU have expressed their own personalities when wearing the same outfits.

On August 13, IU posted a number of photos on her personal Instagram with the caption: “Homebody Vacation“. In the published photo, the singer-composer is wearing a straw hat and holding a toy guitar. She sits on a wooden chair drinking mojito and giving the bacchanal atmosphere.


In particular, she wore a mesh jacket and denim jeans and showed great resort fashion, and did not forget to lower the black bra inside a tie. The ‘national sister’ has attracted everyone’s attention when combined with droopy hairstyle and earrings.

Earlier on August 1, Joy also wore the same outfit. She showed off her bold charisma by creating a net saw to reveal her back. The singer attached a brooch to her left chest to add emphasis.


Joy – who has slightly straight hair and a wide white headband – has a special juice make-up and exudes a retro atmosphere.

It is interesting to see how the two artists were wearing the same outfits but gave off different vibes and images. One important thing is, both of them look really good in them. In your opinion, who wore it better?