Jisoo (BLACKPINK) teamed up with Dior for her pictorial on Dazed magazine and graced the cover of Dazed Korea’s 155th edition.


Jisoo is a member of Black Pink, a global group that hit “How You Like That” and “Ice Cream” in a row this summer, and is now a musician with a global presence as well as at home.

Asked about her thoughts on a potential second photo shoot with Dazed, Jisoo answered, “The next time I meet up with Dazed, I’d feel the same way. For the next pictorial… I want to shoot in a more ‘Dazed’ style. That would be okay, right?”


BLACKPINK will be returning with their first full album in October, the final step in their three-part comeback. Jisoo shared her thoughts on the upcoming release. “I want to show a stronger version of BLACKPINK through our full album,” she said. “Along with the sides of us that we’ve presented so far, we’ve prepared a lot more of our various charms.”


With a laugh, Jisoo added, “I feel bewildered. I also try not to get too excited over good results. I even think that this is a moment in which the members and I should feel a sense of weight and not lose the things we’ve been pursuing.”

She went on to say, “Whenever I see good reviews or positive reactions, I feel more certain that BLACKPINK will be okay pushing forward with the things we’ve been seeking.”


Jisoo’s full pictorial and interview can be found in the 155th edition of Dazed Korea.