Singer-actress IU brought a unique atmosphere through the magazine pictorial, proving herself as the master of pictorial when transforming from innocence to strong concept.

In the photo of J.ESTINA published on August 21, the singer-actress showed a new charm with a feminine and mature look different from the current pure and lovely image.


In the first photo showing her charisma while wearing a black coat, she brought a mystical atmosphere by perfectly displaying an arrogant face and eye makeup with color accents.

In another photo, she stroked her hair while showing off a slim throat line.


In the photo that highlighted the dreamy atmosphere, the singer showed off her own unique visual with deep and languid eyes.


In an all-black suit that made IU feel her mature charm, she showed off her elegance that drawing attention.


Besides, the singer-actress has posted some of the behind-the-scenes cuts of the photoshoot on her Instagram account.