Hani is proud to have successfully built a special atmosphere in the new set of photos!

Hani – singer-actress active as Ahn Hee Yeon – has released a fashion magazine pictorial through the September issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar‘, a fashion magazine. The pictorial published this time is conducted under the theme ‘In Locker Room’.


After the still animated finish, she captured her stylish look through the moments that took place at the Loker Room. It is known that Hani – who always radiates a bright energy source during the photoshoot preparation process – perfectly expressed her diverse Snickers style and conquered the filming location.


On the other hand, Hani, who is expanding her scope as actress Ahn Hee Yeon, is preparing to broadcast the drama ‘SF8‘ (MBC) in September. In addition, she is expected to step up one notch as an actor when cast for a lead role in KakaoM’s original digital drama, ‘XX‘.

Hani’s bright energy newspaper can be found on the website, Instagram, and September issue of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’.