Gong Yoo has appeared on the cover of GQ Korea, showing his suit-fit eyes digested with the superior physicality.

According to the magazine GQ Korea, the cover model for the October issue is Gong Yoo.


The actor in the released pictorial shows a serious yet witty charm in a nice suit. In particular, he perfectly dressed in classic costumes with his superior physique, drawing attention.


In an interview with the pictorial, he said, “I’m getting more and more nostalgic about the classic things. It’s not until time passes that I get to know the coolness. I prefer basic, classic and stylish clothes rather than excessive or fancy ones”.

Regarding his next film, Gong Yoo said, “I think it’s a choice that reflects the emotions and mindset I have these days. As one of the people living in the present era, I’m curious about the future, and on the other hand, I’m worried. When I think about my filmography after a while, I think the starting point is compassion for humans.”


The actor finished filming the movie “Seobok” and confirmed his appearance in the Netflix original series “Seobok.”