In South Korea, there is a term used a lot among people working in the entertainment, art or other related industries, which is “Camera Massage”. “Camera Massage” means that spending more time in front of the camera makes you more beautiful or handsome. To check whether the term is correct or not, a medical YouTuber group, called Dr. Trio, which includes a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist and a family doctor, conducted a face analysis for the BTS members. They compared the boys’ appearances of when they debuted in 2013 to those in 2020.


Dr. Trio said when RM debuted at the age of 20, his cheeks were chubby and he looked adorable.


But now, at 27 years old, the leader of BTS has more muscles. Dr. Trio commented that RM’s shoulders are wider than in the past, and they also pointed out that his neck is somewhat thicker. According to Dr. Trio, strength training can partially change our faces.



When Dr. Trio analyzed the difference between the 22-year-old Jin and the 29-year-old Jin, they were shocked to find that his face still looks the same. According to the doctors, the only difference is that his hairstyle has changed.


They said that Jin’s face didn’t change much because he was already an adult when he debuted with the BTS members, but they were also eager to see if he could still keep his youthful appearance when he turns 40.



According to Dr. Trio, Suga is another member who hasn’t changed too much since debut. Doctors said the only obvious difference between the 21-year-old Suga and the 28-year-old Suga was just a change in his usual facial expression.


They said that Suga’s youthful appearance comes from his cheeks, though the male idol’s jaw line looks very strong and charismatic. They went on to say that Suga has a shorter face than everyone else, and this also contributes to make him look younger.



Dr. Trio noticed that there was a slight difference in J-Hope’s appearance between the age of 20 and the age of 27. When debuted, J-Hope looked like a high school student, especially because of his style.


They went on to point out it’s great that the BTS member don’t seem to get old after 7 years, especially given their extremely busy schedules. Usually, eating less and lacking sleep will make people look older. But J-Hope looked like he was only 1 or 2 years older than 2013.



Jimin debuted at the age of 19, and according to Dr. Trio, his face has changed a lot since his debut. Dr. Trio said that when Jimin debuted, he had a more chubby face and a cuter image.


But now, when he is 26 years old, Jimin has lost a lot of weight on his face. The doctors went on to say that his face has become much sharper lately and his chin has also looked more masculine. They agreed that, like RM, the change in Jimin’s face might stem from an increase in muscle strength, especially because exercising can increase the male hormone levels.



After 7 years, V’s chin has become stronger and more masculine. Dr. Trio commented that when V first debuted, he had the image of a handsome high school student.


But now, V’s image has changed and his visuals are exactly like a top actor. They even compared V to popular actor Won Bin.



It’s no surprise that Jungkook has the most dramatic change among BTS members, because he debuted when he was only 17 years old. In the early days of the career, our maknae looked like a middle school student with many child-like traits.


But now, Dr. Trio said Jungkook has matured significantly. Even so, according to the doctors, he still looks very young compared to his age of 24. Just like V, the doctors said that Jungkook of recent days has the appearance of a leading actor.