Kim Tae Hee is considered as one of South Korea’s most beautiful women. Although the actress is already 40, her skin seems to have no signs of aging. Let’s see what are her tricks to a flawless skin.

Kim Tae Hee always focuses on thorough cleansing

Kim Tae Hee believes that a beautiful skin is a healthy skin, so she attaches great importance to cleansing. Moreover, because she is an actress, she often has to wear makeup. If her skin is not thoroughly cleaned, the cosmetics will damage her skin. Kim Tae Hee shared that skin cleansing is the key to healthy skin. She also avoid wearing makeup when she is not on screen.

Skin cleansing is the key to healthy skin.

A sophisticated daily skincare routine

Despite being very busy with two young children and a busy schedule, Kim Tae Hee always spends some time for skincare. Her favorite products often contain natural ingredients to ensure the highest safety. She focuses on special skin treatments like lotion and serum. In particular, Kim Tae Hee never forgets to use eye cream, because the eye area is the spot that denotes your age.

Listen to your skin

The beauty queen always tries to find what kind of product suits her skin best. If her skin shows signs of dryness, she will immediately apply a moisturizing mask. When she feels her skin is dull, she will immediately go to the spa to have intensive care treatments. Kim Tae Hee also goes to see a dermatologist regularly to know her skin condition and to take appropriate care.

She always tries to feel her skin.

Kim Tae Hee always eat healthy

Skin care is not only from the outside, but also from the inside. That’s why Kim Tae Hee loves to eat vitamin-rich foods. Every day, she drank mineral water and green tea to activate the body’s metabolism. Besides, the actress often drinks carrot juice. Carrots contain high levels of potassium, magnesium, calcium and are the best source of beta-carotene, carotenoids for the body to absorb and convert into vitamins A, E, whitening and evening your skin tone.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercising is a way to make the actress’s body always flexible and strong. Her good overall health makes her skin always fair and beautiful. When exercising, the body will have better metabolism, thereby preserving the physique and youth for the skin.

A strong body makes her skin always youthful.

The wife of Bi Rain once shared, “My bright skin not only is what looks on the outside, but also shines from the youth of my soul. I always cherish girls who love themselves and are satisfied with what they have.” This is probably the best secret for the actress to have a skin that many people desire.