Most of the Korean netizens and viewers agree with Shownu‘s opinion about the 3 male idols with the best body in K-Pop.


Since the early days of his debut, Shownu (MONSTA X) has been famous for his toned and sexy body. Some media outlets in South Korea even called him by the nickname “the body genius” of the 3rd generation of K-Pop, like the way many people call Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO) “the face genius”.

Recently, on the program ‘Video Star’ on MBC Every 1 channel, Shownu was asked to pick 3 male idols with the best body in K-Pop. Excluding himself, the leader of MONSTA X chose the following 3 colleagues:


Sehun (EXO)


Jin (BTS)


Kang Daniel (former member of Wanna One)


Many Korean netizens agree with Shownu’s choice because Sehun, Jin and Kang Daniel are often praised for their tall, sexy bodies, especially their very broad shoulders. Many people even added that including Shownu, these 4 idols are male idols with the most toned bodies today.

  • “Shownu’s body is also wonderful.”
  • “His choices are based on the shoulders.”
  • “I agree. It’s the 4 of them, including Shownu. Their bodies are really the best.”
  • “Sehun, Jin, Daniel, Shownu, I like their bodies very much.”
  • “I agree. I really like people with broad shoulders.”
  • “They are all very handsome, especially their shoulders.”
  • “Shownu too, Shownu is the hottest of them all.”
  • “I agree, Shownu and I have the same view.”
  • “There’s nothing to argue.”
  • “I really like BTS Jin, from his face to his body.”
  • “They are people with broad shoulders.”
  • “Including Shownu, these 4 are idols that I always thought to have the best body.”
  • “As expected, people with the best bodies know clearly who have the best bodies.”

Do you agree with Shownu’s choice about the male idols with the best bodies in K-Pop?