Girls’ Generation Tiffany has opened up about the controversy surrounding late idol star Sulli on  MBC‘s ‘Documentaryplex‘.

Tiffany and Sulli are known to have been close as SM Entertainment trainees and labelmates, and on the September 10th episode of MBC‘s ‘Documentaryplex‘, the Girls’ Generation member talked about the controversy that tended to follow the late star. 


As fans know, Sulli became the subject of constant controversy due to her posts on social media, and Tiffany expressed her thoughts on why the former f(x) star decided to be so open online. She said, “In the tempo and environment of our lives, the only space we can freely express ourselves is on social media. To be honest, I think in that space she wanted to be freer.”

Tiffany continued, “Not everything was right, but I always applauded Sulli’s courage for wanting to express herself and be free.”