Hi Bye, Mama!‘ actor Lee Kyu Hyung is set to make his first ever appearance on an entertainment show through MBC ‘I Live Alone’.


His agency Ace Factory announced that Lee Kyu Hyung will guest on MBC’s entertainment show ‘I Live Alone’. “We confirm his appearance, but the date and schedule of the shooting are not decided yet,” an official said.

Debuting in the industry in 2001 with the film ‘Kick the Moon’, Lee Kyu Hyung has become a loved actor for his impressive performances in dramas such as tvN’s ‘Prison Playbook’, ‘Hi-bye, Mama!’ and ‘Stranger’.

I Live Alone‘ is a real-variety show that unveils the daily lives of celebrities living alone at their houses, in the form of observation cameras, reflecting the increasing number of single men and women and single-person families.

Lee Kyu Hyung, who has only met viewers and audiences through musicals, dramas and movies, draws attention this time with ‘I Live Alone’, as it will be his first entertainment show. He will also reveal his home and personal life for the first time on the show, making one wonder what kind of charm the star will show.