Actress Jeon So Min, who celebrated her birthday on the 7th, thanked fans for sending her a lot of good wishes.


On Wednesday, Jeon So Min posted a video and a lengthy post on her personal Instagram, in which she wrote, “Hello, it’s late, but thank you. I think it was a touching, warm, thankful and grateful day because I was congratulated so much more than any other birthday”.

The ‘Princess Aurora’ continued, “I received all of your congratulations and heartfelt wishes! I think I should write this as my regards to you. Let’s meet in good health on a good day. I love you so much, my fans.”

In addition, Jeon So Min drew attention after posting a video showing her wearing sunglasses and posing pleasantly.


Netizens who saw the post has left words of support such as “Get well soon,” “Happy birthday!” and “I miss you so much.”

Meanwhile, Jeon So Min said on April 2, “I had to go to the hospital because I felt ill during the filming of SBS ‘Running Man‘ that took place on the 30th of last month, and I am currently hospitalized.” The actress decided to take a month off since then.