STATV’s ‘Idol League’ will return with a new look, new format and new MCs to visit viewers.


The new hosts of the show will be Sandara Park from 2NE1 and Seo Eunkwang, the leader of BTOB. And ‘Idol League’, where the fantastic chemistry between the two is waiting, will premiere on Saturday, October 17.

Sandara Park said in an interview, “I didn’t know much about junior idols because I haven’t been in a group recently. So I hesitated to appear on the show, but I aggreed to do it because Seo Eunkwang said he would do it,” expressing her faith in her partner Eunkwang. All of her acquaintances said he was “a very good friend,” which made her feel more reassured. In response, Eunkwang said, “It’s an honor to hear you say so. I’ve often been a special MC, but it’s my first time to lead the program as an official MC, and I’m happy to be with Sandara,” raising expectations for their collaboration.


What is the definition of an idol according to Sandara Park, the new MC of ‘Idol League’, who will be with countless idols in the future? “Idol is a person who gives people dreams and hopes. I had a lot of idols, and I dreamed of them,” she said. When asked what she wanted to say to her junior idols, Sandara Park replied, “I want to tell them to enjoy their time.” After hearing this, Eunkwang added, “I agree. And I hope my juniors always live with gratitude. Only then can we be humble and be together for a long time.”


When asked to describe the charm of the new ‘Idol League’, Eunkwang answered, “My Comfortable Home.” Sandara Park also expressed her wish to appear next time to ease the burden on her juniors and making them feel comfortable.

Sandara Park and Seo Eunkwang’s ‘Idol League’ will visit viewers for the first time at 8 PM KST on Saturday, October 17. Their first guests will be ASTRO Moonbin & Sanha.