Before recording for ‘Knowing Brothers‘, BoA had an argument with Lee Soo Man!

‘Knowing Brothers’ (JTBC) will air at 9 pm (Korean time) on July 25, and BoA and Sung Si Kyung appeared as transfer students, thereby showing refreshing entertainment performances.


During the recording of ‘Knowing Brothers’, the two guests made it interesting to show the perfect combination of the two. Sung Si Kyung continued to make everybody feel warm when conveying stories that happened abroad in the past: “I respect BoA as a singer”. However, BoA’s story caused a passionate laugh.

That day, BoA sparked curiosity by revealing, “Before recording for ‘Knowing Brothers’, I had an argument with Lee Soo Man.”

Kim Heechul, who stood by and watched the argument between the two, recreated the situation at that time and told a vivid story. It is known that after listening to the story of BoA and Lee Soo Man, they laughed and said, “It looks like father and daughter really are.”

The detailed story between BoA and Lee Soo Man can be found in the upcoming episode of ‘Knowing Brothers’.