BLACKPINK Fans Want Jeon Somin Out After She Kicks Jisoo, Stomp On Jennie's Injured Foot In 'Running Man'

BLACKPINK Fans Want Jeon Somin Out After She Kicks Jisoo, Stomp On Jennie's Injured Foot In 'Running Man'

Yesterday (October 18), the episode of 'Running Man' featuring all 4 members of BLACKPINK was aired on SBS. After nearl...

Yesterday (October 18), the episode of 'Running Man' featuring all 4 members of BLACKPINK was aired on SBS. After nearly 4 years since episode 330 aired in December 2016, BLACKPINK returned to the show as a whole team, giving fans a fun time watching their idols. However, apart from the fun, BLINKs (the fandom) were mad at Jeon Somin's actions towards the members.

Since the teaser of this episode was unveiled, the fans have been somewhat upset when Jeon Somin suddenly danced with BLACKPINK at the opening, even standing at the center. Many fans of 'Running Man' are also dissatisfied because they have never witnessed such a gentle 'punishment' for a loser during the 10 years of the show. Is it true that the production crew is very fond of Jeon Somin.


Also in this opening dance, BLINKs also pointed out another frustrating moment when Jeon Somin, whether accidentally or intentionally, stepped on Jennie's feet. The reason why the fans were so angry was that Jeon Somin stepped on Jennie's injured foot - the injury once made her wear a bandage and have to use a cane.


Not stopping there, the wave of criticism on Jeon Somin continued when a scene in the final mission was widely spread by fans on social networks. While being "surrounded", Jeon Somin swung her foot on Jisoo, causing the BLACKPINK member to fall back.

The more angry at Jeon Somin's actions, the more fans felt sorry for Jisoo when she was kicked in the chest / ribs. Also, since the floor is full of soap, which is very slippery and dangerous, a strong kick like that could injure Jisoo.


In addition, some fans also raised questions about Jeon Somin's violent acts against other members when filming this episode, such as pulling Lisa and Rosé's shirt excessively, to the point that it revealed their back, scratching Lisa's hand.. With all 4 BLACKPINK members more or less 'hurt' by Jeon Somin in just 1 episode, the actress quickly suffered a series of harsh criticisms from BLINKs in particular and K-Pop fans in general.


Lisa's hand is scratched

Of course, besides the criticisms, there are still some comments defending Jeon Somin in this controversial incident. Their explanation is that the actress was just playing too "enthusiastically", leading to unintentional incidents. Some people even said that this is inevitable in a program that emphasize strong games like 'Running Man'. They even turned to blame BLACKPINK for being too weak and fragile.


However, this explanation could not make BLACKPINK fans somewhat less angry. On the contrary it made them even more furious. Many BLINKs claimed that the 4 members played so hard they did not care about their image, and they did not appear weak. And kicking, scratching the guests are something that have never happened in 'Running Man'.

After the incident, many Twitter users even trended the hashtag #JeonSoMinout to ask SBS to remove Jeon Somin from 'Running Man'. However, up to now, neither SBS nor the production crew of 'Running Man' have spoken about this controversial situation.