Singer Zico expressed his happy feelings as his new song ‘Summer Hate’ featuring Rain topped the major South Korean music charts.

Zico made a comeback to the K-pop scene by releasing his first summer album ‘RANDOM BOX’ on June 1. The title track ‘Summer Hate’ is an impressive song with catchy rhythm patterns and unique sounds that naturally transform with the flow of the music. Its lyrics witty metaphor induce laughter to heat-stricken people on a unpleasant day. Singer Rain featuring in the song also create a fascinating vibe.

‘Summer Hate’ dominated the major music charts in South Korea, including No. 1 on Melon, No. 1 on Genie and No. 1 on Bugs. All of the songs in the album succeeded in charting as well, proving the influence of the music powerhouse.


Zico opened about his feelings on July 2, saying “Wow!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for your love. I’ll try my best to play good songs for you. It’s going to be hot this summer, and I hope you feel a little bit cooler with ‘Summer Hate’.”

Zico, who had previously turned into a weather forecaster, said, “Today, it’s going to be 30 degrees in the middle of the day. Please watch out for. Haha,” with a witty greeting.

The BLOCK B member also started a dance challenge for his new song ‘Summer Hate’. As he created a syndrome with the ‘Any Song’ dance challenge in January this year, Zico is expected to draw another hot topic with ‘the fanning dance’ through ‘Summer Hate’.