Another staff at Yue Hua Entertainment has been confirmed positive for COVID-19 after all company employees and members of EVERGLOW were tested.

After the trip to the United States on March 3-15, an employee of the entertainment company Yue Hua Entertainment was tested positive for COVID-19. Therefore, all employees of the company who has made contact with this person during that time, including 6 EVERGLOW members, were tested for health status.


Luckily, all 6 EVERGLOW members were tested negative for the disease. However, on April 3, the company representatives announced the test results of the remaining employees, and there were 1 more staff being infected by the coronavirus.

In the latest update , Yue Hua Entertainment shared, “On April 3, one more staff member of our company was tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member had had the closest contact with the previously infected employee – for example, they had had a meal together on March 27. This staff member is currently being treated at the hospital and we will closely monitor their condition.”


It is known that the incubation period of COVID-19 can be more than 2 weeks. Therefore, EVERGLOW members and the company employees who have been in contact with these patients are being in the process of self-isolation with ongoing health checks. Fans are extremely worried about the health of the group as well as the other artists of the company.

According to the sharing, Yue Hua Entertainment will continue to monitor those potentially infected with COVID-19 and will update soon to ensure the safety of all artists and employees of the company.