Oh My Girl’s member, YooA (Yoo SiA) will be a first member in the group to make her solo debut!

On August 25, News reported that YooA will release her first solo album in early September. This is the first solo activity among the members to release a personal album after 5 years of debut.


After debuting with their first mini-album in April 2015, Oh My Girl won No.1 on the digital music chart for the first time after 2 years of debut with the song “Color Book” released in 2017. After that, the group continued to receive the public’s affection with youthful and fresh songs such as “Secret Garden”, “Remember Me”, “The Fifth Season”.


In particular, the title song “Nonstop” in the mini-album vol.7 “Nonstop” released in April has occupied the No.1 position on the digital music chart and showed its potential when winning 8 times on music shows.


At the survival show ‘Queendom’ (Mnet), the show attracted the attention of the audience by showing a variety of performances and concepts out of the current image. During this process, YooA not only has a doll-like appearance, but also the same group showcased a series of powerful performances and outstanding singing ability, thereby receiving fans’ recognition.