WINNER have achieved great results with the sales of their album.


According to Hanteo Chart on April 17, the sale of WINNER’s full album vol.3 ‘Remember’ released on April 9 has reached 100,000 (the number of sales in a week after released). Although they aren’t official activities or participation in the music shows, it is a great number!

WINNER‘s full album vol.3 ‘Remember’ is their encapsulated album for the past 6 years. Immediately after its release, the title song swept the No. 1 position in the top 5 major digital music charts in Korea. In addition, all the b-side songs on the album had entered the chart and showed Winner’s power of ideal “trust and listen”.

The album’s popularity is also booming overseas. The song ‘Remember’ had reached number one on the iTunes Album Chart of 20 countries around the world, including Japan’s iTunes Kpop in the highest pop music category. In addition, the company once again reaffirmed its high status and local popularity by holding No. 1 on the entire album charts of QQ Music – China’s largest music site.

On the other hand, WINNER are taking a break from group activities after the album ‘Remember’ since the two members Jin Woo and Seung Hoon enlisted.