Until the release of the documentary “BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky”, many people knew that they should not judge, especially Jennie and Jisoo when their personalities and appearances are unrelated.

On the occasion of the documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up The Sky released on Netflix, female director Caroline Suh had the opportunity to share about the film’s journey to make the film as well as reveal behind-the-scenes secrets that few people know about the girls in group. Caroline Suh herself admitted that the audience should not look at the appearance but guess the BLACKPINK personality.


The documentary Light Up The Sky reveals many secrets about BLACKPINK. The oldest sister Jisoo with a gentle face, sweet smile always makes others think of a quiet girl who likes to sit quietly to observe the crowd. But as director Caroline Suh feels, Jisoo is very lively, funny, enthusiastic and likes to take care of others. That is enough for Jisoo to become the perfect eldest sister for BLACKPINK, who always connects the members together.


And Jennie, with her luxurious charisma, creates the feeling of an extroverted girl who likes a bustling crowded place, and likes to share her feelings with others. Yet, Jennie admitted that she was not the type to gossip and was afraid to reveal her own story. Director Caroline Suh even evaluated Jennie as a shy, introverted girl.

But Jennie works very professionally, not letting her own personality affect her work. When she was interviewed, Jennie was very enthusiastic and best of all, always sharing her true thoughts, choosing what to say, it would be very straightforward, not acting.