According to the website, it is confirmed that the 7th track in the 1st full album of BLACKPINK is called “Bet You Wanna”. However, it’s also the title of a song rumored to be the collab between the Korean girl group and Cardi B.


Which is more noticeable, the website also adds that Bet You Wanna will have the voice of both Cardi B as well as BLACKPINK.

Until now, YG Ent. hasn’t given out any information about this unexpected collab so the only thing Blinks could do now is to wait for the official announcement.


On October 2nd, BLACKPINK will release their first full album name “The Album” after a long waiting time by Blinks all around the world.

The group recently worked with Selena Gomez in Ice Cream with catchy melodies, where they portray their adorable side – represents for the “Pink” in the group’s name.

Check out the MV below!

Not so long ago, Katy Perry also shared that she would welcome a collab with BLACKPINK for new projects. The Fireworks singer didn’t hesitate to give sweet words for the girls and called that the girl group is going powerful than ever.

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So if this rumor becomes true, Cardi B will be the third Western artist to have a song with the girl group.


2020 is going to be an exploding year for these 4 beautiful members and the most satisfied with it is Blinks all around the world. Let’s patiently wait for any official confirmation and keep loving as well as supporting to Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo.