Tzuyu (Twice) showed off her unique visual when she put her hair up.

On June 3, Tzuyu posted on Twice’s official Instagram: “Because as soon as the new song came out, Once liked it and listened a lot, my mood was also very happy. Thank you very much.” She uploaded two photos with the caption: “And, I put my hair up myself.”


In the published photo, Tzuyu wore a white T-shirt and put her hair up. No matter in any hairstyle, she has a perfect beauty like rice cakes, of course, other than on stage, the simple charm also stands out.

In another photo, Tzuyu showed off her youthful charm wearing a tropical short-sleeved miniskirt. In particular, her doll-like expression made the fans look at the photos also admire.


On June 1, Tzuyu’s group, Twice released the mini-album vol.9 “More & More“. The title track “More & More” has swept the No. 1 spot on the digital music charts and aims to be the group’s 13th consecutive hit.