Girl group TWICE announces they will make their comeback on June 1 this year, and the title track’s name is confirmed to be ‘MORE & MORE’.


On the afternoon of April 28, TWICE communicated with fans by hosting the ‘TWICE: Seize the Light’ Premier Live Stream on their official YouTube channel.

Following a question-and-answer session with reporters, TWICE, who had a pleasant time communicating with fans, said they were very excited to see a new stage after a long time.


Before wrapping up their live streaming, Jihyo drew huge attention by delivering a surprise spoiler, saying, “We TWICE will make a comeback on June 1.” She added, “If we get scolded by the company, then we get scolded.”

According to the members’ revelation, the name of TWICE’s new song, which will be released on June 1, is ‘MORE & MORE’. Fans as well as the public are already guessing what style and concept TWICE will showcase this time.

Lastly, Jihyo said, “Please wait until June 1. Let’s meet more happily while taking care of your health.”

The upcoming song is expected to be TWICE’s first comeback this year. The last time the girls were active were when they released ‘Fancy’ in April and ‘Feel Special’ in September last year, before successfully staged a world tour.

Prior to their comeback, TWICE will unveil the original YouTube series ‘TWICE: Seize the Light‘ in 81 regions around the world from April 29.