On September 25, Kpop fans stirred up the news about TWICE comeback stage in October. After a series of press reports, JYP officially confirmed that the girl group will return on October 26.


Thus, the October race was extremely “busy” with groups like BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, NCT, TXT, Weki Meki, LOONA … now receiving another big name, TWICE.

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Originally, the idol’s comeback is good news for fans, but for ONCE – TWICE’s fan community – it’s … not sure! With the continuous production frequency but the quality that JYP invests in TWICE is constantly “degraded”, fans are extremely skeptical and worried about the idol every time they come back.

During the comeback with More & More, many fans were extremely disappointed with the costumes and the music video of the song. The MV even had plagiarism of artwork, showing the superficiality of JYP’s product preparation.


And yet, the continuous comeback of TWICE between the Korean and Japanese markets, and the release of an album, made fans unable to keep up. Releasing the album with a dense frequency will significantly affect TWICE’s sales performance. Especially before their Korean comeback, TWICE released a full album in the Japanese market called # TWICE3.

Therefore, under the post of a Korean entertainment information site, many fans “threatened” JYP to properly promote and definitely not to release the full album.