Top Times Malicious K-Netizens Faced Consequences For Their Comments

Top Times Malicious K-Netizens Faced Consequences For Their Comments

K-Pop idols have to deal with malicious netizens all the time, as idols often get ?????????? ??? ??????? ???????. Throu...

K-Pop idols have to deal with malicious netizens all the time, as idols often get ?????????? ??? ??????? ???????. Throughout the years, more and more companies have decided to take action against these malicious ????????. Here are 5 times malicious netizens faced consequences for their comments about K-Pop idols.

1. Hateful netizens getting punished for their comments about MAMAMOO

In 2019, 4 netizens were fined for posting malicious comments about MAMAMOO since 2017. These charged netizens had been leaving comments such as, “They sold their ??????“, and, “What a bunch of ????????.”

RBW Entertainment, MAMAMOO’s agency, stated, “We charged 4 netizens who have constantly been leaving malicious comments about MAMAMOO. We are charging them for malicious comments, ?????? ??????????, spreading of ????? ???????????, and ??????????.”

2. Malicious netizen getting fined for comment made about Sunmi

A man in his 40s, who was referred to as Mr. A, left a malicious comment about Sunmi that read, She looks like a ??? ???????.”

This malicious commenter ended up getting indicted for ??????? and got sentenced to a fine of 500,000 KRW (~$415 USD) by Changwon District Court.

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Mr. A insulted the victim by sharing a comment that would make her feel humiliated and mortified on a site viewed by many. The comment is vulgar and the nature of the crime is lowly. The victim has not forgiven the ?????????, and no effort to alleviate the harm took place.

— Changwon District Court

3. Malicious netizen forced to apologize for creating a ????? ????? about APRIL’s Naeun

In 2020, an anonymous netizen made a post online claiming that APRIL’s Naeun had ??????? her in the past.

Due to what I went through in elementary school, I cried and made a fuss a lot of the time. So even now, my mom grits her teeth whenever she sees Naeun on TV.

— Netizen

DSP Media, Naeun’s agency quickly refuted the claims made by this netizen and stated that they would be taking legal action.

The rumors are false and we will be collecting all related data to take legal action.

— DSP Media

A few days later, the netizen ended up writing an apology letter, stating that the ???????? ?????? were all false.

I’m writing this apology to take responsibility for my post on Nate Pann, shared on July 22, 2020, Wednesday. Everything I said about APRIL Naeun’s history of ???????? in elementary school is false. I have never been affected. I apologize to Naeun and her fans for spreading this rumor and causing trouble. I’m sorry.

— Netizen

4. BTS anti-fan forced to write an apology letter

In 2017, a BTS anti-fan faced consequences for their hurtful and false posts about BTS. This anti-fan got summoned for a police investigation and ended up having to write an apology letter to BTS.

Here’s a portion of what the anti-fan wrote in their apology.

… I have been writing a few posts in the past about BTS’ ?????????? ??? ??????? ????????. I am embarrassed to even write down what I have been posting. I regret my actions in the past and sincerely apologize.

I have been summoned by the police recently and have received an investigation. The police ordered me to write an apology letter, and which I did, I just felt the need to apologize on a personal level to BTS. But I was refused the contact information and even the company did not pick up.

I know that it is silly for me to say all these things now. But I really wanted to extend my apology to them somehow. I have been searching for ways to find a contact…

— BTS anti-fan

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5. Malicious netizen getting charged for sending ????? ??????? to Song Ga Yeon

Song Ga Yeon might not be an idol, but she has dealt with a lot of malicious netizens. She even once received death threats from one malicious netizen and had to undergo therapy.

This malicious netizen ended up writing an apology letter to Song Ga Yeon for the ????? ???????.

To Song Ga Yeon, Kim Ji Hoon, and Seo Doo Hwan. I have inflicted much emotional and mental pain through the ????? ??????? and malicious photos I have uploaded onto the Internet. I am truly sorry. I wanted to express my sincere apology in person, but I could not get in contact with the attorney, and so, I have resorted to contacting you like this. I leave you a drink that I hope you drink while exercising and a handwritten letter of apology. I know that there is no way to avoid the consequences of posting ????? ???????, but even so, I decided that personally seeking you out would be more sincere than an apology lacking in sincerity. I believe that legal punishment is the appropriate way to go about the situation, and I offer you once again, a sincere apology.”

— Malicious netizen who sent death thrats to Song Ga Yeon

However, Road FC Entertainment, Song Ga Yeon’s agency, didn’t accept the apology and decided to continue to press charges against this malicious netizen.