For those who love and regularly watch K-Pop groups performing at weekly music shows, it is a habit to wait for the individual fancams released by the broadcasters. However, the individual fancams by Mnet is divided into 2 types, including ‘jikcam’ and ‘ipdeok cam’. The ‘jikcam’ simply films the member in a vertical format to see the head to toe of the member, while the ‘ipdeok cam’ is much more detailed.

The logo for ‘Ipdeok’ fancams

The word ‘Ipdeok’ means ‘to become a fan’. That means these fancams are posted for only one purpose: Turning non-fans into new fans. Because of this, Mnet often shoots these fancams in horizontal format for easier viewing, zooms closer to the face, and especially focus on interesting details like cool expressions or dance moves. These ‘Ipdeok’ fancams are often very popular with fans and attract a very high number of views.

Here are the 15 most popular ‘Ipdeok cam’ fancams of male idols on Mnet’s official YouTube channel. Statistics are collected on July 24, 2020 and only count fancams labeled ‘Ipdeok’ fancam by Mnet.

NO.15: DOWOON (DAY6) – ‘Sweet Chaos’: 641,784 views

NO.14: HAN SEUNGWOO (X1) – ‘FLASH’: 839,506 views

NO.13: CHO SEUNGYOUN (X1) – ‘FLASH’: 872,519 views

NO.12: ROWOON (SF9) – ‘RPM’: 932,745 views

NO.11: SOOBIN (TXT) – ‘Run Away’: 979,679 views

NO.10: SOOBIN (TXT) – ‘Crown’: 1,147,950 views

NO.9: LAI GUANLIN (WOOSEOK X GUANLIN) – ‘I’m A Star’: 1,186,097 views

NO.8: YEONJUN (TXT) – ‘Run Away’: 1,322,221 views

NO.7: RM (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 1,371,806 views

NO.6: J-HOPE (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 1,919,851 views

NO.5: JIN (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 2,047,176 views

NO.4: JIMIN (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 3,795,247 views

NO.3: SUGA (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 4,197,782 views

NO.2: JUNGKOOK (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 56,181,970 views

NO.1: V (BTS) – ‘Boy With Luv’: 124,188,997 views

Some interesting facts about this chart:

BTS V’s fancam performing ‘Boy With Luv’ currently holds the throne as the most viewed fancams of a Korean star on YouTube (with over 124 million views). This fancam is considered by K-Pop fans and netizens as ‘legendary’ with V’s peak performance.

All 7 BTS members took the top spots in the chart with ‘Boy With Luv’, performed at M! Countdown.

DAY6 Dowoon’s fancam is the most impressive one on the list, as he neither danced nor sang in the performance. Instead, he just played the drum very charismatically. This highlights the power of idols playing musical instruments.

Here are some comments from Knet about the rankings:

  • “I remember when Cho Seungyoon was at X1, I went to look for his fancam. He really matched the ‘FLASH’ concept and mastered the stage.”
  • “The list is filled with representatives from Big Hit and Produce X 101.”
  • “Yoon Dowoon (DAY6) didn’t even dance?!”
  • “Just by looking at the thumbnail I know that Lai Guanlin’s fancam is great.”
  • “Turns out it’s not only me that like to watch DAY6 Dowoon’s fancams. He didn’t dance or sing, but I watched him for 3 minutes straight.”
  • “V’s fancam has more than 120 million views? Wow…”
  • “Cho Seungyoon’s fancam is really cool!”
  • “I think I’ve watched V’s fancam more than 20 times.”
  • “BTS and TXT … They both perform really well on stage.”