SuperM officially comes back with the lead-single ‘100‘ in the ‘Super One‘ project after almost a year since their debut.

The boy group held a live “SuperM ‘100’ COUNTDOWN LIVE” on YouTube channel from noon, an hour before the release of the music video, and have introduced new music and performances directly, as well as communicate with global fans through Q&A and 100 seconds missions.


The new song “100” is the first single to be released as part of Super One, the super boy group’s first full-length album project, and is an intense breakbeat genre with dubstep elements on a dynamic rhythm featuring a bass line expressing speed, with member Mark participating in composing and writing lyrics.

There is nothing impossible, and it is expected to attract global music fans with its powerful energy with the lyrics, “Let’s fly to the top with all our might.”

In addition, in the music video of “100,” which is released along with the song, you can see all seven members’ visuals and energetic performances that match the atmosphere of the new song.

Check put the official music video for ‘100’ here: