SuperM has been listed on the Billboard 200 chart with no.2 for its first full-length album ‘Super One‘.


According to an article posted on Billboard’s official website on the 4th (local time), SuperM ranked second on Billboard’s main chart, Billboard 200, with its first full-length album “Super One.” It has made its mark in the global market by proving its solid fandom.

SuperM topped the Billboard 200 chart with its first Asian debut album “SuperM” released in October last year. With this album, he has performed well on the Billboard main chart for two consecutive years.

The first full-length album “Super One” consists of a total of 15 songs, including the title track “One (Monster & Infinity),” with a positive message, “We all have the power of one as special beings, and let’s overcome our difficulties together with one force.”

Their first full album is SuperM’s second physical album release following their 2019 debut mini-album “Super M,” which entered the Billboard 200 at No. 1 last year.


In addition, the group is celebrating their first year anniversary since debut on 4th October last year. Last year, the band debuted with the song “Jopping” and their first mini album of the same name. They sold an impressive copy as their debut album, and SuperM performed well on various global charts, probably due to its vigorous international promotion and marketing.

They will always be grateful to SM Entertainment for bringing together 7 talented members from 4 different groups to make such a successful and beloved arrangement.