SHINee Taemin has dropped the teaser schedule for his third solo album ‘Never Gonna Dance Again‘ after unveiling his prologue track ‘2 KIDS‘.

It was previously announced that Taemin’s solo comeback would come in three parts: Prologue, Act 1, and Act 2.

On August 24 at midnight KST, the singer dropped a teaser schedule for the second part of his comeback, “Never Gonna Dance Again Act 1.” The album and music video for the title track, “Criminal,” will drop on September 7.


The schedule also includes a tracklist, teaser photos, and music video teasers.

Taemin, who announced his solo comeback with his third full-length album ‘Never Gonna Dance Again’, proved his global popularity by topping the iTunes Top Song Chart in 21 regions around the world with his new song ‘2 KIDS‘ pre-released on August 4. Meanwhile, Taemin is working very hard by attending the promotion with the ‘Avenger boy group’ SuperM with the lead single ‘100’ released on August 13.

In addition, the singer’s exclusive reality show titled ‘RARE-TAEM: Today Taemin is The Game King’ is scheduled to air in September. The program is expected to receive positive responses as it consists of various episodes in which Taemin makes rare items in a quiet forest cabin and fills his alone time with activities such as cooking, eating, and healing. Fans will be able to meet all of Taemin’s pleasant and honest charms.