Boy group SEVENTEEN will make a return to the K-Pop scene with their special album on October 19, once again aiming at the global music market.


Pledis Entertainment, the boys’ agency, released a trailer video titled The Invitation For Youth ‘; [Semicolon]’ on their official SNS channel at midnight on October 5, announcing SEVENTEEN’s special album name: ‘; [Semicolon]’, which is stirring listeners around the world.

The trailer video released caught the eye of viewers with its colorful visuals from the beginning as the members were seen wearing antique suits and fedoras. Starting with Joshua, the members opened their invitations one by one, raising expectations for a splendid comeback.

Especially, along with the scenes of members opening the invitations, SEVENTEEN are seen giving a toast, playing bowling, and throwing off the fedoras all together in a retro mood, releasing a feast of mature and sophisticated youth beyond the image of refreshing boys that SEVENTEEN has shown so far, making it impossible for fans to take their eyes off the video.

In addition, the words ‘Work Hard’, ‘Play Hard’, and ‘Rest Hard’ are written in the invitations received by the members, followed by the captions ‘Dedicated To Our Youth’, ‘Take a break. There’s a long journey ahead of you’. It can be seen that SEVENTEEN will continue to deliver their message of support to the youth, a thing the boys also did with their 7th mini album ‘Heng:garae‘.

SEVENTEEN, who started the comeback countdown with their spectacular charms and luxury maturity in the 40-second trailer video, will release the album ‘; [Semicolon]’ at 6 PM KST on October 19.