Solo singer Sejeong revealed behind the scenes photos filled with the youthfulness of the cover’s photo shoot for her new singleWhale‘!

Sejeong is receiving warm responses from fans thanks to her lovely charisma when posting behind the scenes photos of the cover photo for the single ‘Whale’ through her personal SNS channel.


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In the published photos, Sejeong attracted the public’s attention with her pure visual as well as unique image. Not only that, each photo creates a different atmosphere each time she looks directly at the camera, thereby making fans admire that she is ‘God Sejeong’


Every time her image is published on SNS, Sejeong is attracting attention with her looks like the prettiest person in the world, she released the single album ‘Whale’ on August 17. This song, composed and written by Sejeong, is a modern rock song that contains the content of finding ‘me’ by envisioning ‘me’ like a whale at that time, there is nothing to fear.

Sejeong has become a new generation singer-songwriter by expanding her own musical reach, while also being active with a bright and healthy image in advertisers in majors such as fashion, games, and beauty.