A big idol dance cover festival called ‘Dancing Idol’ will be released for the first time on SBS KPop YouTube channel. The show will be hosted by Shindong and OH MY GIRL YooA.


Along with the Korean Wave, K-Pop dance covers are gaining more and more worldwide popularity. To further such a craze, SBS KPop will start the K-pop dance cover festival named ‘Dancing Idol’ for fans all around the world. In particular, among the contents to be released by the studio, the unprecedented 60-minute dance compilation is drawing much attention.

‘Dancing Idol’ is a new variety show where popular K-Pop rookies perform K-Pop dance covers. A total of six idol groups, including Rocket Punch, VERIVERY, Ellis, OnlyOneOf, ONEUS and Cherry Bullet, have confirmed their participations. They are all groups that debuted less than three years ago and are continuing to grow their fandoms. ‘Dancing Idol’ is expected to serve as a stepping stone for them to go further as global stars.


As confirmed earlier, SUPER JUNIOR Shindong and OH MY GIRL YooA will be the host of the variety show. Expectations are high on what kind of performance Shindong, who is once again drawing attention for his dance through ‘Shindong Song,’ will give to the program. Also, YooA, who has become OH MM GIRL’s main dancer thanks to her unique skills, are also expected to add to the fun.

‘Dancing Idol’ will consist of ‘Legend K-Pop Dance Cover Challenge,’ where six teams will perform choreography from their senior idols, and ‘Random Dance Cover Battle,’ where two representatives of each team will engage in fierce dance battles on songs randomly given to them. Expectations for the show are also rising, with some of the pre-released ‘Legend K-pop Dance Cover Challenge” stages, combined with videos of Shin Dong and YooA, surpassing 1.3 million views.


Producer Lee Yang Hwa, who directed ‘Dancing Idol,’ said, “Thanks to the great love you sent me for the ‘Idol Dance Cover Challenge,’ which was presented on SBS KPOP last year, I was able to visit fans with a special planned content called ‘Dancing Idol’.”

He added, “Thank you for your enthusiastic response to the pre-released video. Please also look forward to the “Random Dance Cover Battle, which has yet to be released.”

‘Dancing Idol,’ which offers a glimpse to the colorful dance skills of K-Pop rookies, will be released on April 18 at 8 PM on the SBS KPOP YouTube channel.