Interesting Relationship Between Leader And Oldest Member – EXO Suho And Xiumin (end)

Interesting Relationship Between Leader And Oldest Member – EXO Suho And Xiumin (end)

Suho (born in 1991) is one year younger than Xiumin (born in 1990). Many fans have observed their intera...

Suho (born in 1991) is one year younger than Xiumin (born in 1990). Many fans have observed their interaction in many situations. How do they get along? Are they close to each other? In this article, the Korean channel will break down the moments between Suho and Xiumin, and check their intimacy through a bunch of pictures, and videos! stay tuned!

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Xiumin Goes to Fortune Teller to Check His Compatibility with Suho

Xiumin is the first member to host the Naver V-Live variety show Shim For You (also known as Heart 4U). In the eighth episode, Xiumin is eating with non-celebrity friends to fulfill his bucket list. While eating, he suddenly thought of learning about his chemistry with Suho (leader), one of the EXO members. Then, he texted Suho, trying to ask about his birth time and his Chinese name. After sending the text message, he joked that if their chemistry is good, he will work harder to get along with him. He admits that Suho is still a bit embarrassed since he was young, but they are obviously friends.


After a while, Xiumin gets a reply from Suho, “Ah! Okay wait!!!!

During the waiting period, he went to the fortune teller with his friends, which is also a bucket list item. When they arrived, the fortune-teller told Xiumin that a lot of things happened after his full name and date of birth. The fortune-teller started with luck and talked about his marriage, financial status, and health. Then, he asked the fortuneteller if he could see the chemical reaction between him and a boyfriend Suho. After the fortune teller agreed, he provided Suho's full name and birthday. Continue to the next episode of the show, episode 9.


The fortune teller said that Xiumin must help him, and the compatibility is not bad. He said that Suho was like a little brother who wanted to beat Xiumin, and Suho couldn't help himself. So Xiumin must be understood as an older brother. Xiumin then asked Suho why he would act like this, but the fortune teller revealed that he was born with this kind of nature and didn't know himself, he just wanted to win. The fortune teller also said that Suho is always nervous and will never be at peace. “You have to be understanding to him. Don’t try to argue with him,” the fortuneteller adds. Xiumin then responds that he has never tried to argue with Suho. The fortuneteller goes on that no matter his real age is, Xiumin has to always think himself as the older brother. “It’s a hard thing to do…” Xiumin chuckles.


However, the fortune teller also said that Suho is a very good person, and Xiumin agrees with him. However, Suho has been nervous because he is a nervous person and he tries to hide it, but his closest friends know it. The fortune teller said that due to the heavy workload, Suho will be under a lot of pressure by this year, so the fortune teller told Xiumin to go to Suho and provide some suggestions to relax. “I always say that to him,” Xiumin replies and that was praised by the fortuneteller. The fortuneteller again repeated that it is not a bad compatibility between them, but Xiumin has to take care of Suho more.

Suho Promises to Visit Xiumin At Military

On April 9, 2019, SM Entertainment announced that Xiumin will enlist in the army on May 7, and will not disclose the location and time because he hopes to enlist quietly. He will be the first member to begin military service. He held the last fan meeting before being selected on May 4th and released the solo song "You" for fans through SMSTATION on May 9th. The day before joining the army, Xiumin shaved his hair and posted a picture of himself on Instagram.


On the day of his enlistment, before entering, the EXO members made a send-off celebration. EXO’s official Instagram (@weareone.exo) uploaded a pic of them with their thumbs up. The members also uploaded a pic of them on their own Instagram accounts, including the leader, Suho.

Suho wrote a caption, “19.05.07” the date of Xiumin’s enlistment, “WE ARE ONE! EXO let’s love!” He also added that because of the anniversary of his father's death, Jong In (real name) could not participate in the farewell celebration. “It’s a pity Jong-in could not join us today. I hope he spend a good time with his father.” Some people think that he wrote this title because many people are unhappy about Kay's absence, but don't know his true identity.


On June 21, Suho broadcast live on Instagram for about 10 minutes and 30 seconds. He mainly talked about the 13th Daegu International Music Festival. Then he mentioned that D.O is about to enlist in the army on July 1, and introduced the visit to Xiumin. He said that for Min Seok, he hopes to see him soon and take many photos. “Please wait a little longer,” he added before ending his live video.

So far, Suho has not provided any updates on Xiumin or D.O's enlistment. This may be because EXO has been preparing and holding concerts, so the schedule is very tight.