Red Velvet Yeri was chosen to be a new endorsement model for hypoallergenic cosmetics brand ‘APRILSKIN‘, drawing attraction and getting her fans to become excited.

‘APRILSKIN’ revealed a preview of their photo shoot image below with Yeri taking on a mature, simple concept. For the pictorial, the Red Velvet member used ‘APRILSKIN’s ‘Magic Snow Cushion 3.0‘ foundation product, which sold 3 million items during the release of its previous line.

The makeup brand stated, “APRILSKIN’s brand concept is about high-function, hypoallergenic skin solution to maximize effect with minimal care, and Red Velvet Yeri’s sensuous and trendy image match well, so we chose her as a brand model. APRILSKIN and the beautiful singer are scheduled to participate in various activities, so please look forward to it.”

Check out Red Velvet Yeri ‘s endorsement photo for ‘APRILSKIN’ below.