The dance practice photos of project group SSAK3 has been revealed.

On the afternoon of July 9, the MBC variety show ‘How do you play?‘ posted a number of photos with the caption on official Instagram: “Exciting dance practice scene for rookie group SSAK3. Please wait until the end. ~”


In the published photos, U-Dragon (Yoo Jae Suk), Linda G (Lee Hyo Ri), and B-Dragon (Rain) are practicing dance in the practice room. While the three took a break, the eldest brother U-Dragon came out in the middle of the stage with central ambition, Linda G and B-Dragon laughed upon seeing this image of him.

Next, in the final photo, the group drew attention once again while doing their group’s signature pose.

On the other hand, the project group was formed through show ‘How do you play?’ (MBC) is expected to officially debut on July 25.