If you’re feeling tired by unending fanwar matches, this article will definitely help you regain a lot of confidence in the relationship between K-Pop fandoms.

Many fans of K-Pop idols are undoubtedly disappointed because a series of concerts have been canceled or postponed recently due to the spread of COVID-19. To revive the fans’ spirits, a netizen made a very lovely article recalling some of her memorable experiences when attending previous concerts.

This netizen attended many “super concerts”, concerts where many different artists performed. People who attend these super concerts can be fans of an artist in the line-up, or they can be any audience that wants to see all the artists even if they don’t belong to any fandom. The above netizen shared some personal impressions about the fandom of 4 big K-Pop male groups that she met the most during concerts.

1. MELODY (BTOB’s fandom)


“In the standing area, there was a tall male fan who pushed an elementary school girl forward causing her to fall. There were a lot of people just standing there and whispering ‘Oh my God,’ but one Melody friend advanced to come and help the girl get up and hit the back of that male fan’s head, asking him to apologize. I mean, she really scolded the male fan, which is so cool… The Melody I found that day reminded me of Sung Bo Ra in ‘Reply 1988’, she is a really reliable sister, but not in a scary way.”

2. EXO-L (EXO’s fandom)


“Once, in the standing area, there was an extremely rude fan holding a huge plastic hand fan, and everyone behind could not see the stage. So everyone complained, ‘put the fan down’, but the person still didn’t listen. And then an EXO-L standing right next to that person snatched the fan out of her hand and threw it to the side. Hahahahaha. That person seemed quite upset, but that EXO-L was like ‘Are you angry? If you do, go somewhere else,’ and everyone felt refreshed. Honestly, EXO-Ls are very straightforward, and also ‘inssa’ too.” (‘inssa’ are people who are well aware of the latest trends).

3. ARMY (BTS’ fandom)


“There were a lot of foreign ARMYs at those concerts. During the entrance, there was a foreign ARMY who asked the staff some questions in English but the staff didn’t know English, so the entrance was blocked, and the staff were really confused, but behind me there was a Korean ARMY who stepped up and translated for the staff… She was really cool, it was not the only time I saw an ARMY interpreting for foreigners. Not only do they translate English, I have seen some ARMYs that help translate other difficult languages ​​like German… There seems to be a lot of knowledgeable ARMYs.”

4. CARAT (SEVENTEEN’s fandom)


“I sat on the 2nd floor and when I arrived I saw a Carat sitting in my chair. I told her and she was surprised… She checked my ticket right away and apologized a lot after returning my chair. After she left, I sat on the chair and tidied up my things. But she came back, apologize to me again with her hands fill of snacks. She gave it to me hehehehehe, and after she handed me the snacks, she ran away right away. Many people look like very quiet people at first, but then they can suddenly get really excited!”

After reading the above lines, many other netizens also shared their experiences with the fandoms of some other groups (that are not their idols). Some comments regarding EXO-L include: “If you stand next to an EXO-L during those concerts, you’ll always get something, like snacks”, “That’s why other fandoms call EXO-Ls ‘Doreamon’ hehehehe, they even have extra lightstick to lend me”, “Once an EXO-L even told me ‘It’s cold, you should wear a jacket!’ hehehehehehe”, “Those eries (EXO-Ls), whenever they attend an event of EXO, they are like going on a picnic, bringing lots of snacks and giving them to the people around”….

Others also added, “I remember at a festival last year, the staff didn’t let the fans of a less popular group to go into the front seats. I was sad to think that they wouldn’t be able to watch their favorite boy band perform… But the ARMY guys pushed them to the front so they could see their idols,” “The comments here are so cute. I guess when you meet people in real life, their image will be completely different from the “ugly” behaviors associated with online fandoms.”