GF Entertainment will join the idol group industry for the first time in 20 years with a brand new 7-member boy group named ‘KINGDOM’.


GF Entertainment announced on September 18, “We are preparing to launch the new boy group KINGDOM with the aim of debuting in January 2021.”

GF Entertainment was founded in 1998 and has produced albums for famous artists such as The Cross and Tei. The company also said that they started producing the new boy group based on their management experiences for many actors including Kim Hye Soo and Han Chae Ah.

KINGDOM has a total of seven members, including Dan, Arthur, Mujin, Louis, Ivan, Zahan and Chiu, and the average age of the members is 19.5 years old. It consists of members with diverse talents, including writing lyrics, composing and choreography making. The group can also speak 4 languages.

The name ‘KINGDOM’ implies that the group will tell the story surrounding the worldview of 7 kings who rule 7 different kingdoms.

Meanwhile, prior to their debut, the boys have started to communicate with fans at home and abroad through their official SNS, including Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.