Boy group MONSTA X will make a comeback on May 11. Their agency Starship Entertainment has unveiled an image of MONSTA X’s new mini-album “FANTASIA X” on their official SNS channel on April 13 and begun counting down their comeback.


In the released ‘Coming Soon’ image, it maximizes the mysterious atmosphere by expressing the light brightly colored in gold in a black background that seems to show pitch-black darkness. In particular, the album title ‘FANTASIA X’ and the album release date “05.11 (MON)” raise a lot of expectations for a outstanding comeback.

This will mark the first time MONSTA X release a new album in Korea after seven months. Following ‘Shoot Out’ and ‘Alligator,’ the mini-album ‘FOLLOW’ released in October last year and the title track ‘FOLLOW’ has made a strong impression on music fans as it has exciting melody and unique overwhelming performances.


Earlier this year, MONSTA X tried to make a change in their music by differentiating themselves from the existing music colors with the pop-style first full-length album ‘ALL ABOUT LUV.’ The album received good responses as it was ranked fifth on Billboard‘s main chart ‘Billboard 200’ in the United States. They recently demonstrate their global artist’s potential by announcing their appearance on ‘Unplugged At Home,’ a version of ‘MTV Unplugged’, the famous live program of MTV in the United States.


Driving the momentum, MONSTA X is expected to make a spectacular comeback to the local music scene with the new album. Attention is focusing on what music color they will produce to show their unique charm and powerful performance.

“MONSTA X is working hard to prepare for their new album ‘FANTASIA X’ as it is their first comeback in Korea in a long time,” Starship Entertainment said. “We hope you give a lot of attention and love to the music they will introduce.”