MAMAMOO’s Solar has won her first ever trophy as a solo win! On the April 28 episode of “The Show,” the nominees for first place were CRAVITY’s “Break All the Rules,” Solar’s “Spit It Out,” and APRIL’s “LALALILALA.” Solar won with a total score of 9,100 to APRIL’s 5,739 and CRAVITY’s 3,302!


The title song “Spit it out” has a unique melody of the Trance music performed on the beat of extremely powerful energy. Latin riffs are a refreshing musical experience, but still guaranteed to be imprinted once in your mind. Even so, the characteristic voice of Solar was not overwhelmed but more explosive. This song also co-participated in composing and writing the lyrics of Solar itself. “What about girls, I don’t care, that’s my way / Because I love myself.” The lyrics are overflowing with confidence, while affirming the strong feminist power.


Solar said, “Wow, thank you! Thank you to everyone, I’m not sure if it’s okay for me to be receiving this, but thank you for giving it to me. To [our fans] MooMoo, I miss you so much, I want to see you soon. I’m truly grateful!


The music video for “Spit it out” was officially released in the expectations of many fans. First debuted after 6 years of working with the group, Solar immediately created a sense of overwhelming personality. The single “Spit it out” is an extremely passionate product of the lead vocalist Mamamoo, because she is free to do whatever she wants. All the enthusiasm, experience and what is most unique and bold “Solar” are brought into this music product.