After collaborating on ONEWE’s latest comeback track, “Q,” MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and ONEWE also shared a cute reaction video! In the video released on April 10, Hwasa and ONEWE sat down together to react to ONEWE’s band cover of Hwasa’s solo track “Twit,” which was released a few days before.

ONEWE started off the reaction video by giving their formal greeting and Hwasa joked, “This is very formal.” After Hwasa introduced herself, Yonghoon said that the band had previously covered MAMAMOO’s songs “HIP” and “Starry Night.”

Cya said, “We put a lot of thought into the arrangement [of the ‘Twit’ cover]” and Yonghoon added, “We’d appreciate it if you gave us your objective feedback.

Hwasa was immediately impressed by the vibe of the cover and noted, “You’ve put some venom into your look,” to ONEWE’s embarrassment. Hwasa asked if they didn’t get a neck cramp from their head banging motions and Yonghoon said, “We are still getting used to it. Because we’re a band, when we perform live, we have to do a lot of head banging. The next day, the parts that are the most sore are the backs of our necks.


Dongmyeong said, “We actually watched so many of your awards shows performances for this song. We watched your Gaon Chart Music Awards performance about a hundred times. That’s an exaggeration, but we watched it a lot.

Asked how she prepares such fierce expressions onstage, she said, “I like observing people’s expressions. From a young age, whenever I watched movies, I would focus on the expression. Because I’m always thinking about this, when I go onstage, I don’t consciously try to do something, but go with the flow of what naturally comes out.