The two youngest members of BLACKPINK and BTS have honestly shared their wishes for the future.

During an interview with the media, both BTS Jungkook And BLACKPINK Lisa shared their hopes for the future of their groups.



BTS’s maknae Jungkook did an interview with Japan’s FC magazine, and his honest and sincere sharing scored in the hearts of fans.


Jungkook said that his hope in the coming years and months is to continue his musical journey with all the members of BTS.

The golden maknae said that he has never forgotten the happy moments as a member of BTS. He was even happier when he was on stage with the rest of the members. In the future, his biggest wish is to continue with the plans and works that the members are doing together.


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He also hopes to perform on stage and in concerts without a single member. He even wants to continue doing this for a longer time with all the members who he considers as family. And finally, he wants good things to happen to the BTS members.


Recently, BLACKPINK has had an interview where she shared with the media about the release of The Album – the group’s first full album. In it, it is worth noting that the youngest member Lisa shared about her plans and hopes in the future.


Lisa – the maknae of the group has had emotional shares. The group’s main dancer said that 4 of them are very happy and overwhelming to be working with artists that the YG girls have loved since childhood.


As you may not know, BLACKPINK recently had their first collab with female rapper Cardi B in “Bet You Wanna” included in BLACKPINK’s latest album. Previously, they have worked with Selena Gomez for the catchy song called “Ice Cream” and “Sour Candy” with Lady Gaga not so long before. However, their first Western artist they worked with is Dua Lipa in “Kiss and Make Up”.

Check the collab of BLACKPINK and Cardi B below!

If given the chance, Lisa would like to work with more artists in the future. Lisa’s share scores with fans for her progress but there is humility in it.