The 4 mentors Ella (S.H.E) – Jony J – Lisa (BLACKPINK) – Cai Xukun are getting more and more love from contestants as well as the audience watching ‘Youth with You 2’. However, how were the 4 judges, especially Lisa, felt by the contestants?


In the recent series of interviews, some girls have shared about the most adorable and scary mentor in their eyes. Xu Jiaqi revealed that Lisa is extremely cute: “She is very gentle. Teacher Lisa has taught us in dance class. She is very adorable even when she is strict, especially when teaching because of her cute face. Teacher Lisa teaches us the dance moves in person. After we finish the lesson, she will stop being serious and then suddenly smile, which makes my heart race.”

Meanwhile, Kong Xue Er, Lin Fan, Chua Zhuoyi simultaneously voted Lisa as the most… scary teacher. Kong Xue Er shared: “Once when I attended a class of teacher Lisa, she very sternly pointed out the mistakes of each trainee. In fact, the seriousness of the teacher is really for our sake. If I don’t do well, I will feel scared and lose confidence.”


Lin Fan also agreed that Lisa always paid attention to the contestants very detailedly when dancing, She devotedly explained the mistakes and instructed everyone to correct them. Malaysia beauty Chua Zhuoyi expressed, “When I take dance classes, the worst dancer would always be noticed a lot. Teacher Lisa would tilt her head slightly and stare at everyone. I have felt very worried, but also very honored for this, honored because I have been noticed by the goddess of everyone, but also nervous because teacher Lisa is very strict, she would correct my movements and dedicate to teach me how to dance.”