Recently, Korean netizens had the opportunity to discuss SM Entertainment artists’ practice room. Although the company’s current practice room has been featured on many different programs, many people are surprised to find out its true scale.

Netizens shared they did not know that all of the following scenes were filmed in the same practice room.


You can easily see how big the place is in the photo below, as the room managed to contain all of the NCT members and the group’s supporting dancers.


The place even has an area for the artists to rest.


In addition, the room has a large window that allows outsiders to observe what’s going on inside. Many people thought this was a… secret hideout in SM’s practice room.


Many comments from Korean netizens expressed their admiration and amazement at the surprisingly large scale of the practice room that SM Entertainment’s artists has been using. However, the current room also reminds many people of SM’s famous cloud room in the past.

The old “cloud” room

Some top comments include:

  • “There was a time when they used a cloud background.”
  • “Suju can even ride a bicycle there.”
  • “It’s not a hiding place, but a window. If you press a button, the window becomes dim. President Lee Soo Man once took the fans to the first floor and entered the practice room to watch. My bias practiced and I learned about how this window works after watching that video.”
  • “Really big… I want to go there to see it once.”