As JYJ’s Kim Junsu made his first major broadcast network appearance in 10 years, his amazing home was revealed!

On the December 11 premiere of MBC’s new variety show “House of Sharing” (working title), Kim Junsu appeared alongside fellow cast members Park Myung Soo, Noh Hong Chul, AOA’s Chanmi, and actress Park Ha Na. The show is about stars sharing their personal belongings while living together in a house.


While the cast settled into their temporary home together, they watched videos of tours of each other’s homes so they could see how they all live and what kind of people they are.

Everyone was amazed by Kim Junsu’s luxurious home, which is an apartment that first opens on to a hallway with a large room on the right that is filled with neatly organized shoes and accessories.


The tour then showed his office, living room, kitchen, and eating area, with much of his furniture showing his taste for antique-style pieces.

Park Myung Soo joked, “This can’t be a home in Korea.” In his sleek modern kitchen, he has a large display cabinet full of dishes. Kim Junsu’s spacious bedroom also includes a bathroom enclosed by glass.


He shared that it didn’t seem real that he would be appearing on TV again, describing the feeling as though there was a bubble that could seemingly burst at the slightest touch. “I think it might only feel real when I’m seeing my face on TV in my living room,” he said. As he watched his video with the other cast members, Kim Junsu said even seeing himself on that television was strange and amazing to him.