J.Sep (28, real name Kim Tae Hyung), a member of co-ed group KARD, will enlist in the military this October.


On September 21, DSP Media posted an article on KARD’s official fan cafe announcing J.Seph’s enlistment. The official statement is as follow:

“Hello, this is DSP Media.
KARD member J.Seph will enlist on October 5, 2020 to serve in the military.
As J.seph wishes to quietly enter the military with his family, we will not disclose the exact time and place of his enlistment. Please understand, HIDDEN KARD (KARD’s fandom), and refrain from visiting the military camp.
Please give a lot of support and encouragement to J.Seph. Our artist will soon return with maturity.
Thank you.”


At the same time, J.Seph’s handwritten letter was released. “I’m a little too late to join the army,” J.Seph said. “As a man of the Republic of Korea, I will fulfill my duty faithfully and return to your side with a proud look.”

J.Seph’s KARD recently received much love for the group’s release of ‘GUNSHOT’, the title track of their latest single ‘Way With Words’.