The Korea Tourism Organization recently announced the results of a survey about K-Pop artists who have the most influence on the tourism industry of South Korea.


Besides statistics about the amount of money a Hallyu fan (K-Pop fan) spends on traveling in South Korea, the Korea Tourism Organization also revealed a list of 8 artists that are the top reasons why many fans want to visit the country.

According to their information, an average Hallyu fan will spend about 1.2 million won (1,000 USD) when traveling to Korea. The money they spend the most is on buying essential goods, lodging, eating and shopping for idol-related items.


In addition, the Korea Tourism Organization said that K-Pop is the most influential factor in attracting tourists to travel to Korea. Accordingly, they held a survey with 12,663 Hallyu international fans to find out why they want to come to South Korea and what activities they have done or are expected to do.

As a result, 30.6% of the participants said they knew about K-Pop through Youtube, and 18.4% felt most impressed with K-Pop because of the equally beautiful choreography. 86.8% of the participants shared that the main reason they want to come to South Korea is because of K-Pop. The activities that they want to do are: Buying idols’ goods, visiting K-Pop billboards at the subway station, visit music video recording places and idols’ cafes and restaurants.

The survey took place from August to the end of September 2019 and 8 idols with the biggest influence on Korean tourism are:

NO.8: TWICE (accounting for 2.5%)


NO.6: SNSD and IU (accounting for 2.7%)


NO.5: SHINHWA (accounting for 3%)


NO.4: BIG BANG (accounting for 5.6%)


NO.3: SUPER JUNIOR (accounting for 8.2%)


NO.2: EXO (accounting for 10.4%)


NO.1: BTS (accounting for 36.1%)


Quoting from the Korea Tourism Organization’s report, “Many international fans of the Hallyu wave said that the most popular Hallyu artist in their country is BTS. From their performances, appearances to the messages they send to the young through music, all have made a positive impact.”