BTS‘s members are the best of friends, but it took patience, understanding, and hard work to form the bonds they have today.

In Episode 6 of In the SOOPJungkook and V opened up about their friendship and how it has changed since debut.

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As trainees, they were thick as thieves, being so similar in personality and close in age, but Jungkook never forgot that V was his hyung (older member).

One time, when V and Jungkook were getting ready for practice, V encouraged Jungkook to speak informally to him like he would speak to friends his own age.

Jungkook declined, telling V that he speaks formally to everyone who is older than him.

“That prevents relationships from being ruined,” Jungkook explained. “I think I would’ve had a lot of fights if I spoke casually with you and Jimin.

V considered this for a moment, then decided that he would have preferred the fights. He believes those fights would have brought them even closer, in the end.

I think though as much as we’d have fought, we’d have hung out together a lot more.“— V

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Formal and casual speech aside, the maknae liners are still close friends in 2020. Their friendships have evolved, but they’re built on a solid foundation of love and respect that began more than seven years ago.

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