Singer IU appeared on the program ‘Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza’ and showed off her close relationship with Jung Eun Ji.


IU appeared as a guest and shared many interesting stories on the ‘Jung Eun Ji’s Music Plaza’ (KBS CoolFM) aired on April 13. The two people who were famous because of their friendship. That day, DJ Jung Eun Ji shared, “Thanks to this friend, the corners of my mouth kept curling up.”

Next, Jung Eun Ji revealed her close relationship with IU. She shared, “It has been 8 years since I said that I am a fan of IU on Music Bank (KBS 2TV)”. IU recalled that moment: “Your memory is really good.”


IU, who is preparing to debut in the first movie titled ‘Dream’, “From May will start filming. Recently, the production team and actors have met and talked about something.” She shared, “This is the character that I want to be with, as warm as Jung Eunji.”


IU said her secret to health is chewing habit. “I like this habit. It must be chewed to be delicious. At least 30 times. And more. That’s good.” She also shared her use of treadmill regularly. IU said, “Lately, I am unable to work due to social isolation, so it is easy to gain weight. I bought a treadmill and run for an hour.”

IU also mentioned Yoo In Na, Kang Han Na, her close friends. First, IU talked about Kang Han Na: “Mostly at home watching movies or ordering food to eat. Despite being calm but because of tension, it is very unique. It’s really interesting.” Following that, she continued, “Yoo In Na lives in the same building with me. Living on the upper floor, we only see each other watching TV without doing anything. Meet and do our job, In Na and I do the different things. Everyone does their own things. Both can cook so my parents are very pleasuring. “


IU also shared about her future image. When asked about her thirties, she said: “Perhaps nothing will change bigger” and said: “When I was a child, I thought that 30 years old was a very wonderful period. Wouldn’t it be great? ”

Then there were stories of ideal type. IU said, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been asked questions about the ideal type” and “The ideal type seems like a person who will live longevity. Hope to be a healthy person”, which make people laugh.

At the end of the broadcast, IU added about the group Apink, who will make a comeback: “The teaser has attracted attention. The mature appearance of the members is very impressive. Please look forward to it a lot.” Her message created a warm atmosphere.