On the 26th, a video with the appearance of IU titled “IU’s Homebody signal – IU’s Sloppy Live” was posted on Edam Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

The video shows IU in various cover songs, which express her special sweet voice, especially in Dolphin of OH MY GIRL.


Especially eye-catching is the song of OH MY GIRL – Dolphin cover. Not long after the song was released, IU strongly recommended it as Instagram Story, making headlines. Since then, “Dolphin” has been loved as a two-top with “Slightly Excited,” even climbing the charts backwards.


Some people said they wanted IU to cover this song, but it actually became a success. These covers were enough to attract IU and OH MY GIRL fans.

In addition, IU captured the eyes and ears of netizens by covering BTSSpring Day” and EXO BaekhyunUN Village.”

The entire video can be viewed on the Edam YouTube channel.