It seems that Hyoyeon has got a new piercing!


On April 11 KST, the Girls’ Generation member took to her personal Instagram account to share a couple new photos of herself with her followers.

“I’ll take pictures for you,” she captioned the two images, which feature the idol with bleached blonde hair and blue highlights, rocking a casual look as she poses with her phone and a colorful manicure.

Fans were quick to notice that the laidback fashion was accessorized with a surprising new septum piercing, prompting a big response from her fans. The piercing, which appears more prominently in the second photo, looks like a silver hoop with a small ball in the center.

Comments from her Instagram followers were positive, with a majority complimenting the idol’s hip aesthetic, and included: “Have you always had a nose piecing? I’m really surprised,” “I used to want to get my nose pierced too, but it hurt, so I didn’t go through with it. Unnie, doesn’t it hurt,” “Whoa, that piercing,” and “Wow, so pretty. I miss you, Hyo.”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon has yet to confirm whether or not she actually got her septum pierced.

Check out her Instagram post below!

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내가 사진 찍어줄께? . .

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