SBS’s drama ‘Alice‘ has had its first OST sung by Yuju from popular girl group GFRIEND.


The first OST ‘Secret’ (Feat. ISHXRK) from the highly anticipated SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Alice’ (written by Kim Kyu Won, Kang Chul Kyu, Kim Ga Young, directed by Baek Soo Chan) has been released at 6 PM KST on August 28.

‘Alice’ is a sci-fi drama about a magical time-traveling of a woman resembling a dead mother and a man who lost his emotions. It is drawing attention as the most anticipated movie in the second half of 2020 even before its official lauch, heralding exciting stories, compelling characters, powerful actors, and eye-catching scenes.

As the first singer to lend her voice for ‘Alice’ OST, GFRIEND Yuju adds strength to the drama with the song ‘Secret’. Yuju, who has earlier proved her singing ability through the OST of dramas such as ‘My Strange Hero’, ‘A Girl Who Sees Smells’ and ‘Was It Love?’, used her cool yet explosive voice and perfectly expressed the song to convey the emotion of the drama.

Through this colorful song, you can get a glimpse of Yuju’s musical transformation. Meanwhile, the rap flow of ISHXRK together added a more sophisticated atmosphere to the song, which sends out a message that even if the past, future, time and space change, one’s feelings for precious people will not change.